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A Quiet Blowup is the second mission in Commandos: Behind enemy Lines.


March, 1941. Operation Claymore, the first medium scale incursion over Norway, is approved. The objectives: to neutralize industrial facilities and merchant ships in the Lofoten islands, recruit Norwegian volunteers and capture supporters of the collaborationist leader Vidkun Quisling.

Your men will land in the Stamsund area, infiltrate a heavily defended camp near Storfjord evading the attention of surveillance turrets and patrols, and blow up the fuel depots inside. This will shorten the range of enemy armored divisions for some days.

Tactical advice[]

Well, officer. Your men will start from the south. The fuel depots are located in the northern section of the camp. Beware of these barracks. The flag indicates that there are enemy troops inside. Buildings with flags,... ... such as this other one, may also be used as prisons. If any of your men are captured, the chances are they will be taken there. Ah, officer... Once you have blown up those depots, you had better get away as quickly as possible. Don't overlook this. I suggest you capture a truck and use the Southwest road. That's all.



  • This mission features an enemy Patrol Boat which is armed with built-in machine gun turret that can fire you once if spotted. However, to avoid it you must to stay out from it and wait until it leaves.
  • This is the first mission to feature a Garrison, which is a building that contain enemy troops inside.