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"It is the 21st of February, 1939. Nine hundred hours. Location... The German Embassy... ... In London" - Colonel Smith

This is the second tutorial mission in Commandos 3: Destination Berlin. It is set in the German Embassy, London.

The Team:[]


- Select the Thief
- Open the inventory menu by clicking on the backpack.
- Trade items between characters, move the syringe from the Thief to the Spy.
- Select both of your commandos by dragging a box.
- Scan the view area of the Gate Guard and sneak in with both of your men.
- Select the Thief.
- Hit and tie-up the Mechanic.
- Save or quick save the game.
- Use the Thief's CLIMB ability and climb the wall to gain access to the balcony.
- Hit and tie-up the soldier on the balcony.
- Select the Spy and use the syringe to neutralise the Officer near the fountain.
- Examine the Officer and take his Uniform and Pistol. 
- Equip the Uniform.
- Enter the Embassy through the front door.
- Distract the soldier.
- Bring in the Thief undedected.
- Quick save the game and enter the ambassador's private study (with the Thief).
- Hit and tie-up the Ambassador.
- Crack open the safe, examine it and take the documents.
- Gather your men and meet with the MI5 outside the Embassy without being detected.