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"Welcome to the Commandos 3 tutorial. You will be guided through some simple areas and will be shown how best to control and utilize your Commandos team. You can press 'F1' at any time to see full list of HOTKEYS and FUNCTIONS ." - Colonel Smith

This is the first mission in Commandos 3: Destination Berlin. It is tutorial mission.

The Team:[]

(*) They are available later in the mission.


- Rotate the camera.
- Scroll the camera.
- Zoom in and out the camera.
- Select the Green Beret.
- Crawl down and stand up.
- Scan for items.
- Pick up the gun.
- Run up the stairs.
- Exit through the door.
- Scan the enemy soldier's view area.
- Pick up the knife.
- Quick save the game.
- Select the fist.
- Hit the enemy.
- Tie up the enemy.
- Examine the neutralised enemy and grab his items.
- Exit through the door.
- Examine the box and grab the ammo.
- Scan the enemy locations.
- Quick save the game.
- Eliminate the two enemy soldiers.
- Quick save the game and exit through the door.
- Rotate, zoom in and out the camera outside of the building.
- Select the Sniper.
- Eliminate the four enemy soldiers.
- Select the Sapper.
- Place a bomb near the tank.
- Move your men away from the bomb and detonate it to destroy the tank.