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Biber Minisubmarine is a submarine that appears in Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines. It first appeared in the mission David and Goliath when James Blackwood can be piloted to destroy the Battleship with a torpedoes.


  • The submarine's appearance bears a resemblance to a real-life mini submarine with the same name.
  • This and the Patrol Boat are the only naval vessels that armed with weapons.
  • The Biber Minisubmarine has only 2 torpedos that can fire with, but it will be useless once if you wasted it. The torpedos are only use for the Battleship (primary target) and the Patrol Boat (optional).
  • This is the only naval vessel in Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines that can be driven by the Marine other than a Rowboat and his personal Inflatable Boat.
  • Unlike the other naval vessels, this submarine cannot carry more than one passenger.
  • In mods, the Biber can be drivable in the other missions.