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Blind Justice is the fifth mission in Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines.

Historic Background[]

In May 1941, Allied troops are expelled from Crete while Liverpool and other British ports are heavily attacked by air raids. The need to make Hitler fear an imminent invasion of Norway is greater than ever.

Objectives: Your mission will be to destroy a radar station near the airfield of Herdla. This will blind coastal defenses and give the occupation army a good reason to worry.

Tactical Advice[]

You'll approach the complex from the south, knock down the radar station, and escape in the auto giro near the antenna. Access to the top section can only be gained by means of the cable car... ...or by climbing the rocky wall to the East. There's an internal telephone system in the bottom section of the complex. You can use it to attract the attention of the guards. We suspect that some of the southern accesses to the station may be mined. Study the routes of enemy patrols and... mind your step. I want that radar down, officer... and I want you all back alive. Good luck.


  • Cable Car is featured in this mission which allows the Spy to reach the top of the mountain since he cannot climb.
  • This is the only mission to feature an Escape Autogyro.