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Mission 5 is set in River Kwai, Thailand. The main objective is to destroy important bridge.


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June 1942.

"The Japanese expansion in the Pacific continues. The allied prisoners numbering tens of thousands are directed to prisoner camps where they are forced into slave labor in the most inhumane of conditions. Many perish, victims of beatings, starvation and epidemics.

In Thailand, the prisoners from one of these camps are pressed in to the construction of the Tamarkan bridge, which will complete the vital railway link to Burma, allowing for the movement of men and supplies to the interior of the continent. Its opening is readied for the 17th of June with a special train of the Japanese high command running the whole railway line ending with

the crossing of the Tamarkan bridge, the bridge over the River Kwai."


-Rescue Guinness.
-Obtain the explosives.
-Find the bridge's weak spot by taking Guinness to the model.
-Plant the explosive trap.
-Summon the train by sending a telegraph.

Secondary objectives:
-Rescue the prisoners.

-Cross the river on an elephant.

The Team[]