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Chase of the Wolves is the seventh mission in Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines and the final one in Norway.

Historic Background[]

In the first of February, 1942, the Germans shift to a new cipher code for radio communications with the U-boats, the dreaded submarines which threaten the vital convoys that feed Britain. This will mean the loss of one of the best weapons against the enemy: the ability to decode German messages.

Objectives: According to one of the last communications successfully deciphered, a group of U-boats is making an intermediate stop at the Norwegian port of Arendal. Your orders are to infiltrate the U-boat shelter and sabotage the submarines. Tactical Advice: Your team has been divided into two groups. Take the necessary explosive charges, find your way to the U-boats, destroy them, and escape southwards to the point marked by the buoy, using a light boat. Dismissed, officer... take care.