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Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines
Developer(s) Pyro Studios
Publisher(s) Eidos Interactive

Series Commandos

Release date(s) EU 24 June 1998
NA 31 July 1998
Genre(s) Real-time tactics
Mode(s) Single player
Multiplayer (Co-op)
Rating(s) Teen
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows

Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines is a real-time tactics game developed by Pyro Studios set in wartime Europe and North Africa. The game consists of 20 levels of increasing difficulty in which the player must control a number of individual commandos to complete various objectives. Additionally each level has a unique password so that the player can return and replay any completed level later.


There are 20 missions in total in Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines. The missions names are different between American and European copies of the game. The first one is the name in the European version, and the second one after the slash is the mission's name in American version, if it is different.


  • In some versions of the game, If you don't obtain a rank of at least Captain by the end of mission 19, the game will end here instead of letting you play mission 20.
  • In the reduced version of this game known as "Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines - The Early Battles", you will only play four of the twenty missions which are the following below.
    • A Quiet Blowup
    • Reverse Engineering
    • Blind Justice
    • Chase of the Wolves
  • However, in the demo version of this game, it will let you play two of the twenty missions from the full version which are the following below.
    • Baptism of Fire
    • Reverse Engineering


There are some important issues with Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines. Due to it's age most modern PCs will run the game impossibly quickly making it difficult to play but both Steam and version have been patched.

See the article here: Fixing Commandos for solutions to make the game playable.


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