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Date: December 18, 1944 Place: Nijmegen, Holland.

Historic Background: Since the German army is in continuous retreat, the Allies begin to think that the attitude of the German High Command is merely defensive.  Therefore, the Americans and the British are taken by surprise on  December 16, when the Panzer divisions launch an assault on their  positions in the Ardennes. Hitler is confident that an offensive in the  West will force the enemy to negotiate a peace treaty that is  reasonable for the Reich. As a result, a great number of Allied  soldiers and lots of equipment run the risk of falling into German  hands and being wiped out. 

The plans of the last stage of the offensive are being held by General Hanz Rauter, who is in the Dutch city of Nijmegen, on a stopover during  his trip to the front lines. Cooperate with the Dutch Resistance and  get a hold of those documents. If you manage to solve this crisis,  Eisenhower will have a clear path to Berlin for his troops.

Tactical Advice: ​It is a pleasure to see your unit back to full strength, officer. This time you must get hold of some documents that are being held by the  German officer. You will be able to do this with the help of Natasha,  your courier from the Dutch Resistance. One way to reach her will be to  use the drawbridge that crosses the channel. Once contact has been  made, use your courier to complete your mission. When you have managed  to get the documents, jump into the boat tied up at the dock and use it  to escape to the east. 

By the way, the Germans are making some tests with some new diving equipment. You might find some interesting material in the area. I must  warn you that the general's personal guard consists of members of the  Gestapo who are able to identify our courier. Do not expose her to  unnecessary risks. Nothing more. You must act without hesitation. Final  victory is getting closer.  

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