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Is a mission set in La Pallice, France. The main objective is to rescue a captured Allied submarine. This mission continues the next morning after Night of the Wolves.



-Deactivate the underwater mines. 
-Rescue all the allied sailors. 
-Call the Green Beret using the radio.
-Open the hangar door. 
-Get the Enigma codes.
-Rescue the Captain.

Secondary objectives:
-Destroy the torpedo.
-Destroy the AA guns.
-Destroy the fuel tanks. 

-Cut the barbed wire and deactivate the landmines. 
-Pass the security papers to the Spy using the Dog. 
-Steal a vehicle. 
-Enter the base disguised as an official.

The Team[]

In the boat:[]

On base:[]


  • This is the exact same map as Night of the Wolves, With more area. It also continues directly the morning after Night of the Wolves.
  • Lupin is together with Whiskey where you left him in the mission Night of the Wolves.
  • You can call Tiny to land with a parachute from the train station on base. A parachute icon will come available that enables you to let Tiny land anywhere u want.
  • This is the first mission to have Fins and Spooky.
  • The Commandos in the boat start on the exact same location as Lupin did in the boat in Night of the Wolves.


  • With the Boat team Commandos you have 3 main ways to enter the base. Via the sides, that both have barbed wires and mines. Or in the center via the docks.
  • In the U-Boat hangar a group of Allied sailors are imprisoned. If provided with a weapon then they will have unlimited ammo. Which makes them great for ambushes and raids.
  • The dogs from the previous mission are now in a cage near fuel tanks.