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David and Goliath is the thirteenth mission of Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines.

Historic Background[]

The battleship Bismarck, the jewel of the Kriegsmarine, had been sunk in May 1941 during her first sortie at the north Atlantic. This ship was powerful enough to sink the battle cruiser Hood and keep the whole British Navy busy in a long, painful chase.

Objectives: Now our reports indicate that a replica of the Bismarck has been built in the port of Le Havre, and she will leave today to patrol the coast of Normandy. The French Resistance can help us to put four men there. If we can sabotage that ship, we'll put an early end to the rebirth of a legend, and facilitate future operations in the zone.

Tactical Advice[]

You'll be taken to the southern dock of the port. We know that nearby there is a powerfully armed mini submarine. You must bring it close to the battleship, and launch one torpedo against the forward section of the hull. Then, you must use a light boat to get southwards to the buoy. Officer, this is a chance to make history. I wish you the best of luck. Thank you.


  • The mission name is referenced to the Biblical story with the same name. However, it refers when David battling the giant named Goliath.
    • The objective where the Commandos are tasked to sabotage the German Battleship with the use of the minisubmarine which is referenced to the scene in the Bible story where David use a sling on Goliath.
  • Biber Minisubmarine is featured in this mission.
  • This is the second mission to feature an enemy Patrol Boat. The first one was A Quiet Blowup.
  • Before you get into the minisub, you must block the Tank Depot's bay with a Truck in order to not let the tank exit. Once if the alarm is sound, it will bring out the Panzer II then it will be positioned to the edge of the port which will fire its machine gun at the minisub until it's destroyed, thus failing the mission.
  • There is a Gun Battery near the floodgate in this mission which can be accessible by the Driver in order to destroy either the incoming Supply Boat or the enemy patrol boat (appears occasionally when the alarm is sound).