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"Ok, enough talk. As the yanks say, I'm taking him down" - Duke

It is mission set during The Battle of Stalingrad. The main objective is to eliminate highly dangerous german sniper in order to protect the meeting between general Franklin O'Donnell and soviet personnel.

The Team:[]


- Eliminate the enemy sniper before
 he finishes off all of your
 Russian Allies.


  • This mission seems to be reference to the movie "Enemy at the gates".
  • It is set around the Barmaley Fountain, although the appearance of Fountain is incorrectly.
    • The Barmaley Fountain was originally located in front of the Stalingrad railway station.
  • There's only one Russian soldier which stay behind the cover able to see enemy normally. Except him, all the others have no response when enemies insight.
  • When Russian soldiers remain six men, it will trigger an event that there will be two German rifleman run across the bridge, one of the two will throwing two grenades.
  • Inside the Orthodox, behind the room with two machinegun soldiers, is a box with ten first aid kit inside.
  • Capture the sniper is an option.
  • The last Russian soldier run out from the HQ is the officer who contact with Duke in the beginning. Unlike the others, he will running around the Fountain, changing his postion.