The Mills Bomb Grenade circa 1942

The grenade is a thrown explosive, which is used by the Sapper . A very powerful weapon within the Commandos series, it is capable of splash damage which can affect enemies within a 3 meter range. It is ideal for enemy patrols or groups of soldiers huddled together.

The grenade can cause collateral damage to the Commandos. It can be thrown through a window or door killing every one near it.


  • It is based on the British Mills bomb grenade.
  • Obviously it is a noisy weapon so if used the player must make sure that no enemy hearing the explosion finds out his location or be prepared for a firefight.
  • Grenades sound alarms
  • Can be found in boxes, cupboards, drawers etc.
  • In Commandos 3 the player is able to use a grenade, while in Commandos Strike Force the Green Beret is the only character that can use them.
  • Grenades can destroy any vehicles, but it is invulnerable to tanks.