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In the Soup is the elevent mission in Commandos: Behind the Enemy Lines.


It's December 3, 1942. The Axis forces have commenced a strong counteroffensive from Tunisia. Meanwhile, small incursions will be made in the Libyan zones under enemy control. The objectives: to cut supplies and communications, and gather information about the real strength of Rommel's forces.


Your mission will be to cross enemy lines to the oil fields at Maradah, south of El Agheila, and destroy the drilling rigs. This will divert some divisions of the Africa Corps to the south.

Tactical Advice[]

Officer, this will be your starting position. And these are the four drilling rigs. Take them out... ...and go eastwards, where a vehicle will pick you up. That's all, officer... Good luck.


  • This is the second mission in Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines to feature a drivable SdKfz 251 which is also used as an escape vehicle if all the missions are completed.
  • This is the only mission that feature an enemy Opel Blitz which is seen driving around the drilling rigs.