The Lipstick is the symbol shown when Natasha can seduce an enemy soldier with her charms. She can keep a soldier in the same place for unlimited time plus, she can walk around him and his field of view will stay focused on her. However, certain patrols cannot be distracted and if she tries to distract Officers/Generals; she will be realized and shot.

To use the Lipstick, click on the Lipstick icon or press the Hotkey I to activate the Lipstick. The cursor will become a lipstick. Click on the targeted soldier and the soldier will look at Natasha for a long time. When Natasha walks while the soldier is still paying attention to her, the soldier will still look at her.

Natasha's ability to seduce enemies can be a great tactic for escaping and clearing out enemies. But always be careful about the Officers and Generals.