German Naval Base in "Night of the Wolves"

Is a mission set in La Pallice, France. The main objective is to infiltrate a German naval base.


-Contact the wounded Ally. 

-Steal the office key from the General's assistant.

-Steal the Enigma's machine from the General's safe. 

-Decipher the message using the Enigma machine. 

-Use the radio.

-The thief must hide under a bed.

Secondary objectives: 
-Steal the security papers.


-Contact Natasha. 

-Disconnect the power to the electric fence.

-Use the sleeping pills to knock out the assistant. 

-Natasha can call the General on the phone.

The Team:Edit

  • Lips (After you contacted her in the main building)
  • Whiskey (After you talked to the wounded ally soldier.)


  • This is the exact same map as Das Boot, Silent Killers, the only difference is that some parts are blocked off, and it's night time.
  • Enemy soldiers have a 3 stage field of view (Instead of the usual 2), in darkness you can stand in the third range (Furthest away from the enemy soldier) and still not be spotted. In the middle range you need to lay down if you do not want to be spotted.
  • This mission contains searchlights and flashlights. These make it for enemy soldiers easier to spot you.
  • You will only start out with Lupin, after you have contacted the wounded Ally you will gain Whiskey. You also can find Natasha in the large main building.


  • It's reccomended that you find Natasha as early as possible. She can distract lower rank enemy soldiers so Lupin can sneak past.
  • Since both Lupin and Lips cannot tie up, you will not be able to take out enemy soldiers. You can still knock them out with Lupin though.
  • Using Whiskey's bark abillity you can distract soldiers to let Lupin sneak by. Enemy soldiers will not attack Whiskey.
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