Mission 10 - Operation Icarus Date: Nov 14, 1942 Place: El Agheila

Historic Background: Ten days have passed since the end of the battle at El Alamein, which brought a dramatic exchange of roles in North Africa. Rommel's troops have retreated to the Libyan city of El Agheila in what seems to be a long, hardly fought withdrawal.

Objectives: Captain Gregor McRae, from the Royal Air Force, has been hit while in a reconnaissance flight over German positions, and taken as a prisoner near the airfield of El Agheila. You'll infiltrate the camp and rescue him.

Tactical Advice: Well, officer. This will be your starting point. You will recover McRae, and destroy the bomb store to the south of the base. Should you consider useful to capture a tank... take care. Right now, this is the only unoccupied one. To get away, you'll take a Junkers 52 in the nearby airfield. McRae can pilot it. Ah... If you find time to wreck some of those Stukas, you'll make me very happy. Dismissed.


  • The mission named after the Greek Mythology figure Icarus.
  • The Pilot is exclusive in this mission.
  • This is the only mission in Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines to feature a vacant and drivable Panzer IV tank.
  • This is the first mission in Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines to feature a fixed-wing aircraft as an in-game objects.
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