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The Panzer III in Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines.

Panzer III is a tank that appears in Commandos video games. It first appeared in Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines missions The Force of Circumstance and Operation Valhalla then it appears again in Commandos 2: Men of Courage storyline mission Is Paris Burning? which can be controlled by the Driver and Sapper. Also it appears in Commandos 3: Destination Berlin as a non-controllable vehicle since the Driver's exclusion. It armed with a normal cannon and built-in machine guns.

However, the Panzer III appears in Commandos: Strike Force


  • This tank is based on the real-life Panzer III tank.
  • This and the Tiger I are the only playable tanks in Commandos 2: Men of Courage.
  • This is the only tank that appears in all Commandos video games.
  • The Panzer III is invulnerable to grenades.