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An Enemy Patrol Boat firing a machine gun.

Patrol Boat is a vehicle that appears in Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines. It appears as an enemy controlled boat in missions A Quiet Blowup and David and Goliath. In the mission Restore Pride, this boat is stationed next to the enemy headquarters which is used as an escape boat. Once if all the missions are complete and all of your men will enter the boat, it will automatically drive by itself.

The boat also appears in Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty Mission pack add-on 8 "Escape Flinkenfels" as an escape vessel once if all the tasks are completed.


  • In the mission A Quiet Blowup, the patrol boat can be seen patrolling in the river, but it cannot be destroyed by the player. However, it also appears in the mission David and Goliath once if the alarm is sound.
  • In the mission briefing screen for Reverse Engineering, a Patrol Boat is seen next to the dam. However, it doesn't appear in the in-game mission.
  • The patrol boat is based on a German R Boat class naval vessel, but with a mounted machine gun turret at the back. In reality, the R Boat is actually a minesweeper and it has a built-in heavy machine gun on the front. (except in the mission briefing screen which is seen in the front of the dam).
  • This patrol boat can be driven by either the Marine or the Driver (if he is present) in some certain modded maps.