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Restore Pride is the fourth mission in Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines.


Historic Background: In mid March, the Blitz over Britain becomes harder than ever. London, Liverpool, Glasgow and other cities are heavily hit. Churchill realizes the role of successful incursions behind enemy lines to preserve the morale of the nation.

Objectives: The German military command in the Norwegian city of Trondheim has set their HQ in a nearby villa in Stokkan. Your objective is to destroy the HQ and bring mayhem to the zone.

Tactical Advice[]

Your position is south of the enemy HQ. Some support equipment has been parachuted to you. Unfortunately, it has touched ground too far to the north. You must get there and take that material. Remember each piece of equipment can be handled only by the man able to use it. You'll attack the villa and cause as much damage as possible. Then you'll capture the patrol boat and escape northwards by sea. Remember you are outnumbered by far. If I was you, I'd try to block the enemy's movements and keep them divided. You can do it by capturing a lorry and setting fire to it at the inner entrance. This way you will create a fire barrier behind you. The lorry can be ambushed by bringing the train to a standstill at the crossroads. That will be all. Good luck, officer.


  • The is the first storyline mission to feature drivable Panzer II.
  • There is a vacant Patrol Boat in this mission which serves as an escape vehicle if all the tasks are completed. However, if you enter one of your men in this vehicle, it cannot be controlled by the player.