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Reverse Engineering is the third mission in Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines. Date: Place:


Historic Background: It's March, 1941. Repeated incursions in Norway must be organized in order to harass the occupation army and force Hitler to send troops to the zone, diverting them from the Mediterranean scenario. These incursions must meet minimum material means and maximum results.

Objectives: The objective of this operation is to demolish the large dam of Sysendam, near the Sima hydroelectric power plant, in Eidfjord. This way several important bridges will be knocked down and the whole area will be left without electric supply.

Tactical Advice[]

Officer, you are going to approach the area from the north... ...and demolish the dam with explosives placed in the base. You'll have to steal some powerful charges from inside the transformer station. Remember only your sapper can handle them. The perimeter of the station is electrified, but the fence circuit can be turned off with this control switch. The spy in your unit is able to impersonate any German commander. Just get him a German uniform and enemy soldiers will do nothing but salute him all the way. After your task is complete, a truck will come to pick you up north from your position. This is not an easy mission, officer. Only the perfect co-ordination of your men will ensure success. Be sure everyone knows his place. Thank you. That is all.


  • This mission features an enemy Bunker which is located near the Dam.
  • This mission contains two explosive weapons which can be obtain by the Sapper, but you may only use it for the dam and the bunker.
  • The Patrol Boat is shown in the mission briefing screen, but it doesn't appear in the actual in-game mission.