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Mission introduction: "6th of June has come. With the landings at Normandy a third front is created and the European liberation war is commenced. The beaches of Juno, Omaha, Sword, Utah and Gold are witness to the disembarking of hundreds of thousands of men who form the first beach heads. The next key objective is taking of the Cherbourg, which would allow the establishment of a permanent port to receive the necessary supplies and reinforcements to fortify the allied positions and continue their advance on the continent. But the troops of the Wehrmacht at the commands of Erwin Rommel initially disconcerted by the surprise are re-organizing to launch a decisive counter-attack and push the allied troops back to the sea. During the week of the 19th of June, violent storms hit the Channel which renders useless the ports of Mulberry Harbors established at the beaches of Normandy. The taking of Cherbourg is vital for the receipt of reinforcements and above all the armored units with which to confront the German panzer divisions. At the bocages of Normandy the most desperate struggle of the Second World War is about to break loose."

It is mission set in Cherbourg, France. The main objective is to rescue Private Smith.


The Team[]

(*) Must be rescued from captivity by the germans first.


This mission apparently is reference to the movie "Saving Private Ryan".