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The M1903 Springfield sniper rifle

The sniper rifle used by the Sniper is the American M1903 Springfield. The scope makes this rifle accurate from long distances and it is deadly in the hands of experienced marksmen. In all the Commandos games, except Strike Force, the sniper rifle is a silent weapon, unlike the German service rifle the K98. This makes sniping a stealthy job, while in Commandos Strike Force the use of the sniper rifle is noisy and you can be easily detected by the enemy.

In Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines the Sniper can only carry a certain amount of bullets. In Commandos 2 and 3 the sniper rifle can fire up to 25 bullets. Sniper bullets can be found in cupboards, boxes or taken from a neutralized enemy sniper. It can be used by the Sniper while looking outside windows or towers, which makes him very hard to locate.

Since Strike Force is an FPS, the player has the choice of more than one sniper rifle.

-Gewehr 43 (German)

-Mosin-Nagant (Russian)

-Springfield (American, Allied)