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This mission is located in Burma. The main goal is to liberate a Burmese town from Japanese control. The player can use the help of local Gurkhas during this misson.


May 1942

"After conquering Singapore, Hong Kong and the Philippines, Japan overcomes Thailand and Burma in a few weeks. Its next objective: India. The plan consists in launching a powerful offensive through the borders of Burma, advancing to Calcutta, there joining its forces landed on the southern Indian coast, thus trapping the allies in a deadly pincer move.


The Allied High Command settled on the plains of Imphal, knows the key to preserve India consists in stopping the Japanese offensive at the border. This is a heroic task as the allied troops are outnumbered and exhausted from months of defeat and withdrawals in the Asian continent.

Cut off and with no hope for reinforcements in weeks, the only hope lies on a single battalion of the British Army, a group of mercenary fighters of Indian origins, fearful warriors known for their ferocity and courage in battle. The Gurkhas 1st Battalion."

The Team[]


  • There are quite some snipers during this level, if you take their ammo you have plenty for your sniper, make good use of him.
  • This level contains Gurkhas, If provided with a weapon they will have unlimited ammo.
  • Be prepared for a raid at the end of this level. Make sure all the Gurkhas are armed and hidden where they can take a shot.
  • You will need a Gurkha to call over the radio.
  • The water is filled with crocodiles, try to avoid these as much as possible, if you do find yourself in the water, try to swim to your destination as fast as possible.


  • This is the first mission to have the Sniper and the Driver (Excluding training mission 2)
  • This is the first mission to have crocodiles. These are harmful.
  • This is the first mission to take place in the Pacific. Making the first mission where the enemies are the Japanese.
  • There is a glitch on this mission that allows you to complete it much faster, you can kill the tyrant early by putting a commando on to the bridge next to the spawn. This will make the tyrant see you from outside the map and then run on the map, allowing you to kill him. After you kill him, the only other objective you need to complete is rescue the spiritual leader, after that you can escape without even rescuing the Gurkhas.