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It is mission located on Savo Island in the South Pacific, north of Guadalcanal. The main objective is to disable a Japanese coastal artillery emplacement.

"On the 28th of May the Allies achieve a very important victory in Midway, breaking the Japanese advance in the South Pacific as well as equalizing their naval forces with the destruction of four Japanese aircraft carriers.

But in July of 1942 Allied Naval Intelligence sounds the alarm. The Japanese have constructed an airfield on the largest of the Solomon Islands, Guadalcanal, from where they could continue their offensive.

The Allied High Commands draws up a plan to take the island, code named Operation "Watchtower", the largest amphibious assault since the beginning of the conflict. But there is an important obstacle in their way, the island of Savo, located north of Guadalcanal. Strongly fortified, the island is bristling with large artillery, protected in underground tunnels, safe from the attack of bombers. In these conditions any landing attempt at Guadalcanal would be a massacre. The island of Savo is the key to Guadalcanal. "

-Rescue the Allied pilot. 
-Get explosives.
-Destroy the guns.
-Escape in the seaplane. 

Secondary objectives:
-Steal the golden monkey.
-Blow up the wall behind the golden monkey.

-Contact the shipwrecked sailor.
-Steal the key to the tunnels. 
-Find the blowtorch in the sunken ship, in order to open the bunker 

The Team[]