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The Sapper

Photograph of Inferno .

Thomas Hancock (born 14 January, 1911 in Liverpool, England), also known as Inferno or the Sapper started working as a fire-fighter in the Fire Department in his hometown of Liverpool in 1933. In 1934 he joined the high-risk Explosives Department. In 1939 he enlisted in the army and the following year he volunteered for the Commandos. During the assault on St. Nazaire, he was responsible for the explosions that caused a great number of casualties in the German garrison and which rendered the installations useless to the Third Reich . He was captured during this operation and after 4 escape attempts in two months, he managed to escape his captors and return to England.

The Sapper has outstanding valour and daring in combat to the point of recklessness. He has a working knowledge and combat experience with various types of explosives. His special skill is the creation of explosives using almost any kind of material he has at hand. The Sapper is probably the most light-hearted of all the Commandos and enjoys a good night out at the pub.

An expert in calculating, placing and developing explosives such as time bombs and remote bombs, he is the Commando responsible for demolition. The materials he carries in his backpack are delicate and heavy, forcing him to move slowly. He can operate other weapons such as bazookas, flamethrowers, and and the mine detector also. He can detect and deactivate mines and collect them for later use. He can prepare minefields in areas where enemy foot soldiers and/or vehicles will pass, causing maximum damage and destruction.



The Sapper as he appears in Commandos 2