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Thor's Hammer is the fourth mission in Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty. One of the toughest missions undertaken by the commandos so far. Clearing the train yard completely silently is an impractical impossibility. Don't be afraid to use guns and grenades when the options for backup are limited to the enemy.

Historic Background[]

Allied troops have recovered Sicily. Hardly a month has gone by since they arrived there. However, their progress has not been encouraging. Close collaboration between the infantry and the artillery permits Marshall Albert Kesselring to keep the Allies stuck in their positions.

The objective of your mission will be to destroy a large-caliber rail- mounted cannon that is stopped at the train station in Bonn, Germany. If you manage to destroy it, the Wehrmacht will lose an important strategic artillery weapon that should be heading for Italy, and the invasion troops will be able to advance towards the North.

Tactical Advice[]

Welcome, officer. During your mission, you must destroy the large caliber train-mounted gun. Place two explosive charges next to it and blow it to smithereens. You must also blow up the armored carriages stopped on the siding. To do this, you must increase the power of the explosives with the help of various barrels.

When you have managed this, use the locomotive that is on the first track to escape towards the east. If you need to hide during the mission, you could try to move one of the carriages and use it as a shield. That will be all. As you will see, there is a great deal of activity in the station so be sensible and do not risk the lives of your men.

MISSION 04 Walkthrough[]

   Run/knife patrolman as he rounds hut, hide body against cables, very hard to time.
   Crawl around south guard and knife hide behind wall.
   Place 1 charge inside the left car and 1 between 2 barrels against the right car.
   Place 1 set of explosive next to the shells either-side of the gun itself.
   Blow all 4 charges and crawl into engine just NE of the gun car.
   Massive level with many many patrols and guards covering guards.
   Save Sniper bullets for roof guards and very tough timing kills.
   Use your 2 grenades to wipe out patrols.
   In several spots using pistols to wipe out guards is an option.