Is the first Training mission. The main objective is to eliminate all the enemies.
-Neutralise all the enemies at the border gate. To do this you should: 
-1)Get to the guard post. 
-2)Take the wirecutters from the metal box.
-3)Cut through the barbed wire and deactivate the mines on the other side. 
-4)Fight the officer's group.

Secondary objectives:
-Obtain the contents of the wooden box.

-Be careful of enemies that appear non-threatening. 

The Team:Edit


  • This map is reused for 2 bonus missions with some differences, the latter being a night variant of the map. Bonus Mission 1 and Bonus Mission 5
  • You can still complete the mission even if you don't cut the barbed wire or deactivate any mines, as long as you eliminate all the enemies. However in Bonus versions of the map this is not true.
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