Commandos Wiki

This unnamed Bonus Mission is a continuation of Saving Private Smith, with Tiny, Inferno, Duke and Lupin. After Private Smith operates the radio in a building, an unknown man will speak, telling Private Smith that a group of soldiers are re-grouping at the side of the town. He tells the private to get ready. After this conversation, the player should notice that it is raining, giving a more thrill for the battle. Install mines especially near the bridge and some other areas near the destroyed buildings. Anti-tank mines should be installed near the entrances of the tanks. Your anti-tank mines are not enough, so use remote bombs. Deploy all of your allied soldiers near the destroyed buildings and put also some of them near the bridge. Here are some tips that you can use when the ambush begins:

1. All of your Commandos should by deployed also (with your chosen gun) except by the Sapper. Command him to throw grenades. If your Commandos are at the building near the bridge, be careful, because tanks will blow it up, killing everyone inside of it.

2. If there are bit few soldiers left, kill them with your Sniper. You can also command him with the Sapper to kill soldiers.

3. When some of your Commandos that are not engaged in the battle are in the building near the bridge, command them to get out of it. Sometimes, tanks will approach it and blow it up, killing everyone inside it.

After finishing all of the soldiers, you can have the victory.