It is mission set somewhere on the North Pole. The main objective is to escape with the enigma machine. This mission is related to 'Night of the Wolves' and 'Das Boot, Silent Killers' It continues some time after you have taken the German U-Boat and escaped the german U-Boat base

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-Contact the Sapper. 
-Rescue the Green Beret.
-Recover the three parts of the Enigma machine. 
-Rescue the Spy, the Thief and the allied sailors.
-Rescue the Captain.
-Use the radio in the camp.
-Destroy the engine.
-The Green Beret and the Spy must use the plane to take the Enigma machine to the HQ.
-All the others must escape in the sub. 

Secondary objectives:
-Disable the bow gun.
-Disable the central gun.
-Disable the stern gun.

-Use the balloon to obtain the explosives.

The TeamEdit

(*) Must be rescued from captivity by the germans first.


  • You only start out this mission as the diver, you must rescue all the other commandos before you can use them.
  • Since the temperature outside is freezing you will need protective clothing when going outside. If you stay outside while unprotected for too long you will die at some point.
  • The protective clothing do not require any space to wield. Once you have putted once in your inventory it will be removed from your inventory, but you will wear it.
  • In the same room where the Spy and the Thief are captured you will also find the same group of soldiers from the last mission, again provided with a gun they will have unlimited ammo.


  • Penguins appear in this mission, although this is inaccurate there are no penguins on the north pole in real world they are located on the south pole.
  • Walrus appear in this mission.
  • "White Death" was the name given by Soviet soldiers to Finnish sniper Simo Häyhä who during the Winter War from 1939-1940, killed over 500 Red Army soldiers with a Mosin-Nagant and Suomi submachine gun.
  • Whiskey is the only playable character from the previous mission not to appear in this one.
  • This and Castle Colditz are the only levels that contain a Hot air balloon.
  • In Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty mod, all the Commandos will board and enter in the Submarine instead of the Spy and Green Beret riding on a separated vehicle after all the mission tasks are complete. And also the animals in this mission are omitted.

References from the previous gamesEdit

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