An A6M Zero stationed in Shinano that appears in the mission The Giant in Haiphong.

Zero Fighter is a Japanese aircraft that appears only in Commandos 2: Men of Courage. It only appeared in missions The Giant in Haiphong and its bonus mission.


  • There are two different Zero aircraft in Bonus Mission 7. One are the green ones which are used as the primary target by the commandos and the other ones are the white colored which are use for escaping.
  • According to the features of Zeros,the green and non-playable zero fighters and the white ones are all based on A6M2 variants.Anyway it's just a same model with different camouflage.
  • The white ones camouflage was based on the Rabaul Kokutai,and the tail code "V-103" showed that was the one which belonging to Saburō Sakai.
  • In Japan the aircraft was known as the A6M Reisen.
  • A6M was a single-seat fighter, it's impossible to carrying two men at the same time.
    • According to the white camouflage, developers may planned to revealed it as D3A originally.